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WFX PLM is built from ground-up as a true cloud-based app on the latest technology stack based on web-services and APIs that allow for efficient integrations.

With WFX integration services, data in WFX PLM (product data, attributes, images, costings, orders etc.) can be seamlessly pushed/pulled from other systems that need it. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures data is accurate and consistent across all systems that require it.

WFX provides versatile yet agile controls for flexible and scalable integrations with both standard software products and custom applications.


NetSuite + WFX PLM

Oracle NetSuite + WFX PLMWFX is the only fashion PLM with a ‘Built for NetSuite’ certified connector and a natural choice for NetSuite ERP users. With dozens of fashion companies using the WFX connector to integrate with NetSuite, WFX has a tried-and-tested connector so NetSuite users can quickly go-live. Read More

Kerridge (formerly Unit4 Wholesale) + WFX PLM

The WFX – Kerridge adapter enables seamless integration between the two systems. Connects design with sales orders, purchase orders and shipments. WFX also offers the landed sost price and margin calculation, based on, for example, container costs, other transport- and insurance costs and import duties per country. Together with WFX PLM, this integration is being used by Kerridge customers who develop their own collections, such as Basil, Treffina and Kinta.


XPRT from ACA Fashion Software is integrated with WFX PLM via a middleware solution. The product data from Techpacks is automatically read into XPRT. WFX is also used as a supplier portal, so that suppliers always see the latest version of a Style. WFX usually also includes the calculation of the landed costprice.

Adobe Illustrator + WFX PLM

WFX-AI Connector is a natively integrated solution that fully auto syncs AI files/Artworks to WFX cloud PLM. This eliminates the need for manual entry by fashion designers and adds speed to the creative design and Techpack process. Any changes or iterations are automatically saved and new product concepts become a part of the WFX PLM product library.

All Integrations

ERP + WFX PLM Integrations

We have a dedicated team of integration experts and offer integration services so you can integrate WFX PLM with any 3rd party applications that you use.