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Design & Product Concepts

Capture photos of style ideas and product inspiration while on buying trips and trade shows. Add notes on the fly and create tags to quickly find photos later.

Adobe Illustrator Connector

Create products directly from within Adobe Illustrator and push product information & artwork automatically to WFX. All without ever leaving Adobe. WFX’s native connector will pull libraries directly from Adobe so Designers can spend more time designing and not on data entry.

Manage Digital Assets

Centralize all your company’s digital documents on the cloud including large Adobe Illustrator files. Collaborate and share images with teams while maintaining versions. Manage libraries of images, prints, artwork, graphics and use them to build products better and faster.

Meet Seasonal Targets

View margins, costs and revenue for an entire collection or range.

Plan top-down or bottom-up across seasons, departments, collections, product groups, down to specific product options. Define quantities, analyze costs and revenue for creative and operational control.

Automatic placeholders provide design, product and buying teams with targets. Compare Planned vs Actual data and monitor collection progress in real time.

Centralized, Searchable Product Information

Quickly create Techpacks with comprehensive product and material attributes, images, bill of materials (BOM), graded measurements, specs, multilingual care instructions, clarify product construction with in-app annotation tool, and more.

Capture comments and approvals related to color, lab dips, measurements, BOM, testing, PP samples, TOP samples, and more. Easily notify vendors of revisions and approvals.

Achieve the right product margins

Build product costs quickly with excel-like grid costing. Manage all cost types – Cut Make, FOB, Landed & Delivered.

View wholesale and retail margins across all sales channels & markets. Set custom formulas and highlight low margin products.

Request and compare quotations from multiple vendors to make the best sourcing decisions.

Receive samples and production On Time In Full

Easily create sample and purchase orders. Track stages of products-in-development and their timelines.

Track orders in production and get notified of potential delays and delivery date impacts. Share packing list and shipment information with 3PLs and warehouses.

Be in sync with vendors & suppliers

Move off email and improve communication flow with a centralized vendor portal. A single space for your vendors to receive product Techpacks, sample and purchase orders, alerts and notifications of changes.

Vendors can submit costs, confirmations, delivery dates, shipments and collaborate on tasks so you stay informed of changes and delays.

Improve product quality with paperless inspections

Set quality standards and allocate inspections to quality controllers.

Arm QCs with iPads to capture inspection results on-site at factories. Use in-built camera to take inspection photos, notes and capture defects to pass or fail inspections. Speed up inspections with digital signatures and electronic inspection reports.

Resolve issues before they cause delays

View each product’s status with a visual board that highlights any delays in development, sampling and production.

Track your entire collection and identify bottlenecks accross the product life cycle. Re-schedule tasks and assess delivery impacts.

Create transparency across your team and never miss deadlines.

Discover insights, predict outcomes and act quickly

Our Analytics provide industry-specific widgets that you can customize to create personalized dashboards. You gain visual insights of collections and products across brands, departments, teams and users.

Our beautiful data visualizations are available both on desktop and mobile so business users can take decisions from anywhere.

With Analytics, you convert information into action.

Why WFX?

End-to-End PLM

Most PLMs offer limited function (just techpacks, samples etc). WFX is end-to-end and covers the entire life cycle from concept to production. Our platform, mobile apps and analytics provide a 360 degree view of product data across your company.

Superior User Interface

Enterprise app design has always lagged behind consumer apps so we worked with the world’s leading UI/UX experts to challenge this paradigm. WFX’s new interface is purpose built for the modern business user.

Unmatched Performance

WFX’s platform is built on the latest technology stack so you can turn around products at a 10x speed. Users have instant access to information they can trust to collaborate with teams and vendors.

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We really benefit from the online collaboration with suppliers and simplified communication with support form WFX.

Andrea Updike

Director Product Development – Downeast Basics

WFX enables us to collaborate, develop and deliver products more effectively and efficiently.

Angela Ryan

Head of Technology – Forever New

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35.000+ Users in 40+ Countries